Saturday, July 7, 2012

Higgs boson - Should Science be separated from State?

A Higgs boson-like particle discovery was claimed at LHC [BBC News].
Do you think that such "discoveries" (see "Higgs particle and Science as the new Religion" for more on that) should be funded by the states? Should tax paying people pay millions of Euros for researching things some scientists imagined and which will actually never have any practical applications? Should we fund the research for other parallel never-to-be-seen universes? Should we fund the research for invisible never-to-be-seen black holes (see "Science hypocrisy and dogmatism in a Black Hole" for more on that)?
Why don't all those people who cry out against Church, also protest against their money going into research with no goals, no deadlines, no specific output?
Should we give money to "conduct research for the sake of research"?
Can we doubt a new religion at its peak?
We really miss a mind like Nietzsche’s (yes you ignorant human! Nietzsche was against science – see Nietzsche, an irrational believer!) or Feyerabend (who claimed that science should be separated from the state)...
Read the "State – Science separation: Is it time?" article for more on that...
Looking forward to your thoughts!